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[Free eBook Friday # 1] A Stranger in the Family

It's Free eBook Friday! 

Free eBook Friday irá ser um "meme" que vou iniciar e onde irei mencionar um ebook que está gratuito na altura! 
Poderei dar uma breve opinião caso já o tenha lido ou na maior parte das vezes so o irei apresentar, estará incluido o seguinte: Capa, Titulo e Autor, Editora, Sinopse e um link para o distribuidor onde está gratuito.

Tendo em atenção que não há garantia por quanto tempo estará disponivel gratuitamente! 

A Stranger in the Family
Patricia McLinn

A sexy, intriguing stranger arrives unexpectedly at her Wyoming ranch, threatening the one thing Cambria protects more fiercely than her heart - her family.

Bodie's discovery that he fathered a son 17 years ago starts a search that leads him to the warm and welcoming Weston family. 

But his response to one member of the family is far more than he ever expected. 
The sparks between him and Cambria are real ... and so is the danger to his hopes for their future if she finds out why he's really in Wyoming.

". . . It's one of those books that when you finish, you think, "I'm definitely going to read that again and everything else this author has ever written!"

 - Live, Love, Write -

Disponivel no KOBO


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