domingo, 3 de agosto de 2014

His Heir, Her Honor [Opinião]

His Heir, Her Honor 
Catherine Mann

There was no way he had fathered her baby Carlos Medina knew he couldn't have children. But Lilah Anderson insisted their night together had resulted in her pregnancy. And when she refused to back down, his princely honor demanded he acknowledge his heir. 
Doctor, dignitary...Lilah didn't give a hoot about Carlos's royal pedigree The mom-to-be had never cheated on her lover; she had given him her heart, asking nothing in return. Now, he wanted to marry her--for the sake of their child. Was she asking too much by insisting he give her his love and his ring? 

a so sweet story!
I loved this sotry more than the others in the series. this one somehow, give me more sense of reality, more emoticional and a great time of reading it.

In this story Carlos and Lilah have their moment, to be honest with each other and with their own feelings and "ghosts".
After some misunderstandings  they reach a point of no turning back, only forward, because they love each other and trust is something they learn to have.

A sweet trilogy that I read very quickly, because I liked all the characters, their strength and their weakness. :)

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