quinta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2014

Just Kate [Opinião]

Just Kate
Linda Lael Miller

THE ONLY ONE Ever since Kate Blake's sister died in a car accident, it's been just her. Just Kate to keep her family together. Just Kate to live up to her senator father's expectations and her mother's idea of perfection. But now, after a painful betrayal by those she loves, she decides it's time to live for herself and claim what she wants. And what she wants is Sean Harris. The only man she's ever loved. And her late sister's husband.

But years have passed since Abby's accident, and both Sean and Kate feel it's time to move on. Still, when Kate meets the rugged Australian on his home turf, she is surprised by what she finds with Sean-a sense of home and belonging that she's never known. And the one person who loves her for nothing else except being...just Kate

:) well, a pretty nice novel by Linda Lael Miller, on her's first sucesses.
The plot is interesting, but could be more developed.
The characters move in the picture so soft, that we can hardly notice them, with no strenght enought to catch the readers attention.
But bottom line, it was a simple story, enjoyable for a few hours.

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