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In Too Deep [Opinião]

In Too Deep
Katrhryn Shay

IN TOO DEEP is the first novella in Shay’s powerful, new anthology, AMERICA’S BRAVEST (All six novellas are available in a boxed set).

In the Hidden Cove Fire Department, Gabe Malvaso is a favorite among firefighters. He’s tough, fair, has a good sense of humor and loves his work. But for eighteen months, he’s avoided a member of his crew, Firefighter Rachel Wellington, despite his knife-sharp attraction to her. She is also drawn to him but is equally determined to keep things professional between them--until they’re trapped in a basement for a day, thinking they’ll never be rescued. Then, their feelings for each other explode like the building around them.

was a nice reading... but was so short and the end was so abrupt.
I think the author could developed a little more these final scenes.
we readers get the final but this is our assumption, not written!

The main characters are credible, and the day by day of a firehouse so too, revealing a good sensation of friendship and respect of their work as firefighters and how can they management the feelings that start growing.

Gabe and Rachel have to put on hold their feelings until a major one appear, that love they have for each other is the most important of them all, so they have to figured out what can do and admit it no matter what!

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