terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2014

His Thirty-Day Fiancee [Opinião]

His Thirty-Day Fiancee
Catherine Mann

He'd caught her red-handed...and Duarte Medina would use this to his advantage. No reporter infiltrated the royal family, especially not by entering his bedroom window. If Kate Harper wanted her story, she'd have to agree to his terms--to become his fiancee. 
It would be a temporary arrangement to appease his father. There was no way this royal Medina bachelor would surrender his single status. Kate would be his for the next thirty days. And if Duarte had his way...thirty nights, as well. 

:) This was a good read. 

This book is the second of the trilogy The Riche, Rouge and Royal, and it was a very enjoyable reading.

The characters are well constructed and the plot very interesting. 
It has some predictive elements, but bottom line a good and entertainement story.

This time, the story is about Duarte and Kate, two strong characters, but at the same time, very emotional too. 
In order to provide a simple and confortable life to her sister, who has a desability, Kate had to work has a reporter for Global Intruder, a gossip press.

Duarte meet Kate in a comic situation, and as a "punishment" he offer her an engagement ring! :)
In the end, a sweet story of  trust and how love could make things easier.


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