terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2014

The Maverick Prince [Opinião]

The Maverick Prince
Catherine Mann

His Past: Living without royal constraints
His Present: Dealing with the results of his ruse
The world knew him only as a Texas shipping magnate, lover of the finer things in life…including Shannon Crawford. But when Tony Medina's true identity was splashed across the tabloids, he could no longer hide his royal heritage. Despite his lover's furious reaction to the news, Tony had no choice but to whisk her away to his secret island retreat. He claimed he was simply guarding Shannon from the paparazzi. But Tony's true goal was to win her back…by any means necessary.
:) so cute. 
First story of the trilogy, The Riche, Rouge and Royal, Catherine Mann, brings us with a lovey and very entertainement read. 
The characters are sweet and their story is lovely...
The plot is interesting and I think CM had acomplish her goal!
By the way, love the way that Antonio has proposed to Shannon.

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