quarta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2014

Paradise Falls

Paradise Falls
Ruth Ryan Langan

Book Description

 December 3, 2013
 From New York Times Bestselling Author Ruth Ryan Langan ... A Historical Romance Classic. 

"Ruth Ryan Langan tells a story that's warm as a quilt on a snowy evening and tender as love's first kiss. Paradise Falls is a book that touches the heart and comforts the soul." -- Nora Roberts

In 1890 Massachusetts, Fiona Downey accepts a teaching position in rural Michigan, populated by few farms and even fewer people. Living with the Hayden family in Paradise Falls, she is drawn into their complex relationships, especially the uneasy dynamic that seems to pit brother against brother: the older, taciturn Grayson, and Fleming, a handsome charmer. Attracted to Grayson -- but pursued by Fleming -- Fiona must decide where her true love lies -- and whether that love is worth sacrificing her dearest dreams.


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