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The Relationship Shoppe

The Relationship Shoppe

Susan Paulson Clark

Book Description

Marian Sheffield longs to climb out of the pits, but before she can transform her career and romantic life, she must contend with the indiscretions of Belle, her business partner and best friend. Along the way, Marian learns the difference between a crush on her guy friend and the very real advances of her company’s investor—and how to apply the relationship advice she promotes in her own bookstore. 

- Felt as if your life has fallen apart? 
- Questioned why it had? 
- Resolved to turn things around? 
- Refused to give up when everyone around discouraged you? 
- Been betrayed by a friend? 
- Fallen in love with someone who doesn’t love you back? 
- Ignored the person who is right for you? 

Then you may want to browse in THE RELATIONSHIP SHOPPE!

"An overall delightful, engrossing read filled with emotional twists and turns." 
- Diane Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review. 

"If you're looking for something fun to read that will take your heart on an exciting roller coaster ride, buy this book." 
- Kim Boykin, author of The Wisdom of Hair (Penguin) 

"Encompasses a wide range of common, contemporary issues, and there should be a little something in there for a woman in any stage of any relationship." 
- Candy's Raves, 


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